RockSolid Infrastructure Manager

RSIM, is the simplest solution that allows users to easily manage their physical infrastructure and deploy their workloads. By providing simple means of deployment, clustering, lifecycle management, logging, monitoring, networking, and security.

RockSolid Dashboard

A localized or cluster view of what's happening

  • Aggregated logs from all nodes, containers, and VMs
  • Notification of errors and warnings in cluster
  • Notification of anomalous activity in cluster
  • Searchable in realtime
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RockSolid Clustering

Simple masterless and configless auto-clustering

  • Masterless clustering reducing complexity
  • No complex configuration or setup
  • Built for hyperscale
  • Machine learning for intelligent workload placement
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RockSolid Metrics

Detailed specs & metrics of physical nodes in cluster

  • Inventory of system
  • Details of current system load
  • Detailed stats of all node metrics
  • Realtime graphs of node stats
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RockSolid Containers

Containers built to last

  • Lightweight runtime container
  • Simple networking without complex forwarding
  • Detailed container stats
  • Non-ephemeral storage
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RockSolid VMs

Proprietary Lightweight VMs

  • Extremely lightweight VM
  • Essentially virtual hardware enforced container
  • Simple networking without complex forwarding
  • Boot specified kernel & docker image
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RockSolid Images

Single image format for both containers and VMs

  • Support for Docker Hub Push and Pull
  • Support for snapshots and rollback
  • Auto distribution across cluster
  • Use standard tools to build images
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RockSolid Kernels

Kernel images to be used with RockSolid VMs

  • Support for Docker Hub Push and Pull
  • Pre-built library of standard Linux kernels
  • Auto distribution across cluster
  • Use built in tools to build custom kernel images
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RockSolid Networks

Simple software defined overlay networks

  • OpenFlow capable networking
  • Built in DNS
  • Built in DHCP
  • Built in service records and registry
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RockSolid Loadbalancers

Simple software defined elastic loadblancers

  • Software defined elastic loadbalancers
  • Auto scaling based on service records
  • Auto placement in cluster
  • Health monitoring of service endpoints
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RockSolid Jobs

Fault tolerant scheduled jobs

  • Run scheduled jobs from docker images
  • Run JavaScript snippets in RockSolid Runtime
  • Run scripted monitoring of workload
  • Run scripted management of workload
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RockSolid Deployment

Simple physical server deployment

  • Auto discovery of new physical servers
  • Simple deployment of OS and RSIM
  • Built in PXE
  • Coexist with existing DHCP infrastructure
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RockSolid Runtime

Powerful JavaScript based runtime

  • Ability to write JavaScript to define or redefine workloads
  • Pre-defined functions to automate all RSIM capabilities
  • Underscore lib included for easy functional programming
  • Interface with external REST APIs
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RSIM Demo Video

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San Francisco, CA
+1 650 651 8069